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"By wisdom a house is built, and through understanding it is established; through knowledge its rooms are filled with rare and beautiful treasures." Proverbs 24:3-4

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In order to be successful at renovation you have to be able to see beyond what is to what could be. It’s more than just updating its about maximizing the space’s potential. We specialize in turning the undesirable into the most enjoyable. If you have a space that’s in need of transformation give us a call. 417-527-0457


interior design

Interior Design is about creating environments. Every environment that you step into triggers an emotional response whether you realize it or not. Colors, textures, materials, placement are all factors in determining how a space makes you feel. The question we ask our clients is, “What do you want to feel and what do you want others to experience in your home?” For example, do you want to feel peacefulness or excitement, simplicity or grander, connection to nature or a sense of innovation? Once we have established the type of environment you want to achieve then we can begin the process of realizing your dream.  


Give us a call, we would love to meet with you and hear how we can help make your space uniquely you. 417-527-0457



Why Staging? Think Ten.


You have ten seconds from the time a potential buyer steps into your home to get them hooked. Ten seconds!


Today's buyers want and expect a move-in ready home, and you have ten seconds to convince them that your home can be their home. Statistics show that staged homes not only sell faster, but also sell at a higher price, 17 percent higher in fact. 


That’s where we come in. Home staging inspires imagination that buyers need to become excited about a property. We stage your home to show off its best assets to appeal to the greatest number of buyers. It will look beautiful in online photographs to get those buyers in the door!


We offer customized staging solutions to fit your needs. 


1. Consultation: This includes a walk through of your home and suggestions for what you can do to stage it, and/or prepare it to be listed. We specify what updates or improvements are the best investments, as well as suggestions on arranging your furniture and decorative items.


2. Consultation and implementation: This includes the consultation service listed above and my assistance to help you implement the specific action plan. 


3. Stage your empty home: This includes consult and implementation services, plus the staging of your home with my furniture inventory.  


Home staging is my sweet spot. We will help you get the buyers in the door and inspire their imagination and excitement about your home.


pricing for staging

Walk Through Consultation:

Up to 3 thousand square feet: $300

Over 3 thousand square feet: $350


Consultation and Implementation:

Initial walkthrough + Hourly Rate for implementation 


Stage empty home:

Every home is different and has different needs. We will create a plan that will best showcase your unique home. Call us to schedule a consultation with pricing. (Average cost is $400 monthly per room plus the cost of our moving in and out. Most clients will stage 2-3 rooms.)


a look at what we do





We are Chad & Joy Meadows

At Peach Tree Home Decor and Renovation our passion is people. For us a home isn’t just a building; it should be a comfortable place for family and friends to gather and connect with each other. What we love doing is creating spaces where that can happen. This passion flows out of our own individual giftings and personalities.

“I enjoy working with my hands but what really gets me excited is the transformation process. I love taking something that no one sees value in and breathing new life into it, whether it’s an old door, scrap wood, a dilapidated house or a person with a broken past. I’m always looking at potential. There is something about looking for beauty in broken places that I feel reflects God’s heart.”


“I love turning houses into homes. I have a passion for hospitality, so creating inviting spaces makes me come alive. With an eye for seeing potential and a love for people, I find true joy working with homeowners in meeting their individual needs from staging a single room to re-decorating an entire home.”





before & after

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something to talk about



"Our house was on the market for 9 months and we never received a 2nd showing. We took the house off the market and contracted with Joy. She recommended improvements to make the house flow and she staged it to perfection. We put the house back on the market and it sold in 2 days."

- Dave in Wales, WI


"Joy was a delight to work with! My husband and I absolutely LOVE our master bedroom makeover!"

- Kelley in Dallas, TX

"Our home sat empty for a year without any bites. We eagerly hired the Meadows to stage our house and 6 weeks later we had a contract. Can't say Thank You enough!"

- James in Dallas, TX

"Joy helped us create a beautiful living room space. We went from average to fabulous! Like pieces of a puzzle, she used our family's decor to decorate. She breathed new life into items I thought I was tired of looking at!"

- Rachel in Delafield, WI

"I had the privilege to work with Joy on several properties. The homes were always show ready and smelled wonderful."

- Judy in Irving, TX

"Decorating taste is very individual and buyers can be equally as whimsical. Before we listed, Joy helped us create an environment that showcased the warmth and beauty we loved about our home in a manner that was appealing to potential buyers. We had a contract for sale within three weeks and are convinced that Joy’s simple suggestions made the difference! Thanks Joy!"
- Theresa in Delafield, WI




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